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In the past years I have worked with the Skinny, Cryptic Glasgow, the National Youth Choir of Scotland, Govanhill Baths, SubCity Radio and many other artists and creatives in Scotland. 

I currently study at the Glasgow School of Art and if you'd like to get me on board of your project, as a photography artist or a collaborative creative, please use the form below to get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

My medium of artistic or personal expression has always been a camera. I switch between film and digital as it enables experimentation with distinctive viewpoints. Amongst many processes I like infra red, pinhole, salt prints and working digitally with lights or post production. It all adds to a greater skill set that I can offer to my clients and it builds self awareness that is then reflected onto my projects and environment.

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I am constantly on the search for my 'tribe' - my community of like minded creatives and people who in their individualities find ways of relating to my work. Finding the links between different personas creates a sense of belonging that contributes to a richer life!

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