Infra red and a human

Few months ago I had my Fujifilm X100 converted to infra red spectrum. I am always drawn to a distortion of the image, be it in camera or in the post production process. I find it allows me to reveal more of what's behind the masks of things, people and places. 

I have used the camera for a wee while now, mostly outside but lately I've been looking into how it captures a human, organic form. 

While the pictures come out with the tones of red I have found my own colour profile that captures the colours reflected in a captivating way. By bringing the visuals closer to what we are familiar with I'm allowing the viewer to recognise shapes and forms while letting the transformations be seen more clearly. 

The eyes, the objects that we look for first in a portrait, seem unnaturally dark and piercing. Since it's the soul of the human, we tend to see a ghostly, darker character, often having the impression of evil, cheekiness or other mischief. 
The skin, made milky and more flattering, contrasts the veins and any other objects that are in visual contact with it. Having looked into the work of surrealists like Bill Brandt or Man Ray I found that the most contrast can be found amongst objects. Humans need clothes or props to achieve that effect. I therefore used a magnifying glass to add an everyday object to the shots, helping it find its new purpose.
There's a little orange tint to parts of the skin and the lips, that are naturally red. This reminds me of pictorial imagery, the efforts of Jan Saudek in colouring his debaucherous models.