Winter wonderland

Towards the end of 2017 I've sacrificed my battered Fujifilm x100 and got it converted to 720nm infra red. 
Here's me testing the camera and learning few things about post processing. I must admit though, the files straight out of the camera are pretty neat too. 


My first attempt at taking the images with the new IR eye was on the way and along the Clyde as one of the December days welcomed Glasgow to wonderful foggy sights. 

The images with the red cast are straight out of camera. I've played with the files a little bit trying out various processes, including black and white and channel swap. The results are very interesting. 

I also tried to press the shutter few times in the Queens Park in Glasgow. 

I have a feeling that the temperature of the light, the temperature of the environment have a very significant impact on the colours recorded by the camera's sensor. 

What are your thoughts on infra red photography?
Is this something you've tried before?
Do you think that infra red can present a more revealing image of the landscape or a cityscape?

Tell me what you think!