May 2017 - an group exhibition FINISHING LINE - salt prints. Old Hairdressers & Stereo, Glasgow. 

16th December 2015 - 24th January 2016 - Solo exhibition of FOGGY GLASGOW series of panoramic black and white cityscapes of Glasgow. Opening night details HERE. For images click HERE

September 2015 - Doors Open Day at the Argyll Chambers in Glasgow revealed opportunity for a group exhibition. Wonderfully curated and decorated. I presented my Wunderkammer series. Event details under HERE.

July - September 2015 - Another group exhibition at Broadcast in Glasgow. This time I created unique multiple exposure pieces for the leading theme of DREAMSCAPES. For the artwork please click HERE. 

May 2015 - I took part in a fundraiser organized to help raise money to help those who were affected by the earthquakes in Nepal. I contributed a framed analogue print that went into a silent auction and had found a home with Colin. See HERE for event details.

April - June 2015 - I took part in a group exhibition at Broadcast. The theme IDENTITY allowed 10 local artist to express their visual images in the form of paintings, ink and photography. For details on the event click HERE. 

November 2014 - I had my first solo exhibition at Tchai Ovna in Glasgow. I filled this magical house of tea with my staple black and white photographs presenting dark images from my travels. More information HERE. 


B L U B E L L photobook about Milk Cafe and its role within Queens Park area. College project viewable HERE

[Ciudad del Swing] photobook. The black pages suggest I write my story so I consider it more to be a chapter in life book rather than a finished project. Available to view HERE

Dark Lines: Iceland photobook. A collection of mysterious landscape from this electrifying country. View HERE