Business planning / by Martyna Maz

So today I thought I'd share a You Tube channel with you. 

As I have been brainstorming about starting my own little business I have come across this wonderful lady called Marie Forleo, who, in short, is a (business) life coach. Her approach to life is quite simply put out there in her frequent videos and I do encourage anyone of you wanting a more focused life to check out a video or two. Who knows, maybe you'l grow to be another fan of here, alongside of me :)

In her online publications you'll find information and advise on such topics as :

+ how to find your PASSION (
+ how to GET UNSTUCK and stay motivated (
+ beating PROCRASTINATION, yeah, get over it (

+ and many many more - just check out her channel!

And yep, she has been featured on Oprah, yeah, more importantly on the Chase Jarvis show. Yeah, you have been told! Go see it now ;)