It's been two weeks....Now, how do I get on this wall of fame?! / by Martyna Maz

So it's been two weeks at the Distillery that is located on the 3rd floor of the Whisky Bond and things are looking swell. 

I managed to add few prints onto my ETSY shop (check them out HERE), complete my order for my BLUEBELL books that the fantastic directors at the MILK Cafe placed with me, back up all of my photographs (yeah, ALL) and update my laptop, and I also subscribed to Creative Cloud. You can tell I'm on fire! Yeah, now I'll look for some concise tutorials to get at least some basics of graphic design software before I start my GSA course. They'll surely come in handy! If you know of any good sources - please share :)

If you're reading this in time to join me and other creatives from the Whisky Bond for this year's summer party, please come and bring good weather ;)

The party is on Saturday, 9th July 2016 and for more details CLICK HERE.

Now, how do I get on this wall of fame...

Let's keep it up!
Nena x