Intimacy is complex 2/3 by Martyna Maz

For the next book I used the sexual uglyness that tortures populations of many cultures through religious repressions and political standings. 

The images on the pages of this, like all the other ones, hand stitched series get sticky and upleasant. Underlining the sinful and fearful side of the condom and therefore sexual act. 

The use of quotes from some of the books I was reading while researching for this project, leave a lot to question. Not tying directly with the feel of the images, but merely suggesting a direction of thought they allow the viewer to make their own suggestions and ask the questions that spine from their own experiences. 

Intimacy is complex 1/3 by Martyna Maz

Following on my Intimacy is complex project I decided to look even deeper under the sheets and explore...the condom. 

In the art school there is this freedom that you would be foolish not to use to your own advantage, or just sheer satisfaction. Perhaps it's an opportunity to make a personal point too.

This book focuses on the sensuality and proposes the look out on sex as an individual freedom yet taking it into account as a healthy balance to life.

For this series I played with condoms. Something we think of only in terms of necessity or a barrier, be it good or unpleasant. I played with various samples, scrutinising the sensory elements in them by extending, stretching as well as freezing and thawing. 

Mental Floss by Martyna Maz

One of the very first project at Glasgow School of Art was a RESEARCH. 

We were all given an object, mostly cheap, easy to get to item. Mine was DENTAL FLOSS. 

While it was hard for me to decipher how to create something worthy of my future portfolio, I understood that, in order to develop as an artist and benefit from my time in this creative environment, I had to let go of my ego wanting to do my best and simply try out new techniques, new medium of expression. 

In order to make the transition easier on my pride, I decided, after taking loads of photos - obviously, to prepare a hand made book. It was stitched with dental floss and includes answers to three of the questions I asked random audience. I collated their thoughts on relationships, their perception of themselves in their environment as well as little deviation on their secrets in respect to others, in a form of simply printed words that transform the photographs and give them their meaning. 

Copy of one only. 

I also made a little video. 

As a new student it took some tears to get on my feet. Friends who already study at GSA came with a helping hand explaining that it is a time for experimentation and creating crappy stuff. That's the only way to get better. 
I nevertheless felt quite worthless and wanted to literally throw up my whole existence, my whole being, reverse my every step, my birth and so on. I'm still uncertain of the outcomes of my studies but I now know that it's only up to me to use this time to be joyful about expressing my creativity. All I have to do is do what I love. What could be better?

Business planning by Martyna Maz

So today I thought I'd share a You Tube channel with you. 

As I have been brainstorming about starting my own little business I have come across this wonderful lady called Marie Forleo, who, in short, is a (business) life coach. Her approach to life is quite simply put out there in her frequent videos and I do encourage anyone of you wanting a more focused life to check out a video or two. Who knows, maybe you'l grow to be another fan of here, alongside of me :)

In her online publications you'll find information and advise on such topics as :

+ how to find your PASSION (
+ how to GET UNSTUCK and stay motivated (
+ beating PROCRASTINATION, yeah, get over it (

+ and many many more - just check out her channel!

And yep, she has been featured on Oprah, yeah, more importantly on the Chase Jarvis show. Yeah, you have been told! Go see it now ;)




John Mather Trust Business Plan workshops by Martyna Maz

Even though I've already finished with the City of Glasgow College I still managed to apply for another of their great opportunities. This time the stakes are really high as £20,000 became available to the CoGC students with a business idea via the John Mather Trust. 

In order to help students prepare to write a valuable business plan the college organized a couple of workshops. 
The first one was a weekend away with a group of other applicants where we engaged in a lot of outdoor activities, all testing our team work and providing hints on individual skills in group situations. 

And that was when I climbed my first tree! 

Very challenging personally and to be honest I wouldn't have achieved that if it wasn't for the group assigned to me. They encouraged me to try and push my fears aside so I made it through the tasks and somehow we even managed to win the workshops by gathering the most points for the outdoor tasks, as well as preparing a quick business idea for the Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle where it all took place. 

Apart from having James Wilson from the CoGC on our side (and taking part in most challenging activities!) the other organizers that provided support in the picturesque Trossachs National Park were guys from two helpful organizations - ELEVATOR and BRIDGE 2 BUSINESS. 

ELEVATOR is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurs, business leaders and employees of today and tomorrow. We do this by providing expert business advice, quality office space, and encouraging entrepreneurship and enterprising behaviour through a range of projects and events across Scotland. 
THE BRIDGE TO BUSINESS [part of Young Enterprise Scotland] programme offers college students first hand opportunities to engage with appropriate entrepreneurial role models. Role models who are relevant to college students who have an interest in setting up their own business now or in the future or for those who are looking to take enterprise skills to their workplace.

And of course, I was taking photos - see what we got up to below ;)

Aberfoyle Elevator B2B CoGC-7521.jpg

Speirs Locks Summer Party by Martyna Maz

Well, the weather was good, on and off but the clouds cleared off in the evening to reveal lovely summer sunshine and an after party at the Whisky Bond with the collaboration from the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and TAKTAL. 

Glasgow Sculpture Studios (GSS) was established in June 1988 and is a unique centre for research, production, presentation and the dissemination of contemporary sculptural practices. GSS occupy the Ground, First and Second floors of TWB and have a variety of artists studios and wide range of facilities including metal and wood workshops, ceramics, project spaces that are available for use by members and commercially. 

There was a small exhibition of the most recent works from GSS as well as an introduction to TAKTAL initiative, just across the canal from TWB building. 

[TAKTAL is] an agency that initiates the creative use of space.
[The] practice is founded on the understanding that successful projects are not just about the design of buildings, but the activity and people that inhabit them.
With roots in architecture, programming and space management [they] design spaces, communications and business models that create sustainable outcomes.
[The] work ranges from self initiated research, producing events and working with clients to develop workspaces and arts venues.

It was a fun filled day and night. Surely an event to check out next time ;)

TAKTAL at TWB Speirs Locks Summer Party.jpg

It's been two weeks....Now, how do I get on this wall of fame?! by Martyna Maz

So it's been two weeks at the Distillery that is located on the 3rd floor of the Whisky Bond and things are looking swell. 

I managed to add few prints onto my ETSY shop (check them out HERE), complete my order for my BLUEBELL books that the fantastic directors at the MILK Cafe placed with me, back up all of my photographs (yeah, ALL) and update my laptop, and I also subscribed to Creative Cloud. You can tell I'm on fire! Yeah, now I'll look for some concise tutorials to get at least some basics of graphic design software before I start my GSA course. They'll surely come in handy! If you know of any good sources - please share :)

If you're reading this in time to join me and other creatives from the Whisky Bond for this year's summer party, please come and bring good weather ;)

The party is on Saturday, 9th July 2016 and for more details CLICK HERE.

Now, how do I get on this wall of fame...

Let's keep it up!
Nena x

Rush Hour by Martyna Maz

Well, I got a warm welcome from the Whisky Bond and so can't wait to get back tomorrow!
One of my summer projects that I'll be working on is my rush hour set that I've been meaning to publish and exhibit for months now. For now my walls are wallpapered with 6 x 4 black and white images of Glasgow, grittily printed but creating a mind map of hopefully a story that will be unfolding in the coming months. 

First day at the Distillery (TWB) by Martyna Maz

So I've started blogging! This is mainly to track the progress on my projects, plan for future and to learn about social platforms & how they interact with one another. 

For the next 3 months I'll be cycling (on a good day ha-ha) to the Whisky Bond to work on the list below. 

+ ETSY shop
+ ALAMY stock photography database
+ Business plan (tintype)
+ Progression into GSA (reading list)
+ Networking

I may / will be adding to the list as I go along. Today I'm focusing on selecting files for sale, working out their sizing and pricing. I will then add them on to my ETSY shop and promote! Yay!


Questions? Comments? Hit me up below or @ !